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On your next visit to a participating Park ‘N Fly location, pick up a membership enrollment kit.


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Park ‘N Fly is excited to introduce the new and improved Frequent Parker Program! We designed the program to give more rewards and enhance your parking experience. Now you will earn more than just free parking.


  Member Silver Gold Platinum
Gate Key
Free Parking Stay(s) or Free Car Washes1   1 Stay/year
(up to 3 days) or
1 Free Car Wash
3 Stay/year
(up to 9 days) or
3 Free Car Wash
6 Stay/year
(up to 18 days) or
6 Free Car Wash
Online Discount2     10% 15%
No booking fee on online reservations      
Ways to Qualify Member Silver Gold Platinum
Qualified Days per calendar year3 0 - 14 15 - 59 60 - 89 90+
  1. Expires 12 months after awarded, specific locations and service types, can combine stays, but a 1 time
    use per stay reward (cannot carry over unused days, or split stay into multiple uses). Car wash where
  2. Online Discount cannot be combined with Senior, AAA or CAP.
  3. Qualified Day is defined as a paid stay greater than one hour.

As a Frequent Parker Member, you will have the chance to earn rewards you can use for free parking and car washes at participating Park ‘N Fly locations. And, additional new benefits will be introduced throughout the year for our best customers. In the new program, you can use your card as your personal gate key for quick and easy access in and out of the lot. You can even link your credit card for increased convenience.



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