These aren’t small rate hikes, either. The Boston Globe reports that terminal parking at Logan International Airport will rise from $29/day today to $41/day by 2021. In Dallas, parking rates have increased for three years in a row and are 33% higher than they were just one year ago. Airports around the country plan similar increases, including Atlanta, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. If you use onsite parking at these airports, prepare to pay more.

Why are airports implementing such steep rate hikes?

American airports manage millions of monthly passengers, and those numbers are growing. All those passengers stretch airport infrastructure, and airports struggle to keep lines short. Airports that need extra money to cover these costs will often turn to their parking lots. A rate hike of a few dollars can translate to tens of millions of dollars in yearly revenue for the airport.

These rate hikes come at your expense. At Boston, terminal parking customers will pay 40% more by 2021. Economy parking customers will pay 60% more than they do today.

Are there any ways to avoid these rate hikes? Yes — and they’re more affordable than you might think.

The Best Alternative: Offsite Parking Services

Most travelers prefer to drive to the airport. There’s a sense of freedom that comes from driving your own, private car, listening to the music you enjoy, with the temperature dialed in. It’s relaxing to know that when you arrive at the end of a long day of flying, you’ll walk back to your own car and enjoy the privacy that planes cannot provide.

There’s no need to stress about airport parking prices, because the most enjoyable and affordable places to park are offsite lots. Park ‘N Fly has parking lots right next to the airport, with cheaper prices, free rapid shuttles, valet services, and plenty of other amenities. For a quick comparison, you can choose Park ‘N Fly at any of the airports currently undergoing price hikes, and save money:

San Francisco Airport Parking:
Airport: $25/day long term, $45/day with valet
Park ‘N Fly: $15.95/day self-park online rateor $19.95 valet online rate

Los Angeles Airport Parking:
Airport: $30/day terminal parking
Park ‘N Fly: $17.45/day online rate

Dallas Airport Parking:
Airport: $24/day (starting in September)
Park ‘N Fly: $10.45/day online rate

Offsite parking gives you the best of both worlds. Enjoy the experience of driving your own car to the airport, plus get cheaper rates than the terminal parking lots. Of course, many of their customers enjoy the 24-hour access, valet parking, luggage assistance, and frequent parking rewards programs that are a part of the Park ‘N Fly experience. Reserve your parking online at for the best possible rates and you’re convenience!

An Expensive Alternative: Driving Services

Some travelers look at the steep airport parking prices and, unaware of cost-effective offsite parking, decide to use a taxi or ridesharing service to travel to the airport. In almost all cases, this is more expensive than parking in an offsite lot like Park ‘N Fly.

According to, a cab ride from downtown Los Angeles to LAX will cost almost $70 in light traffic. If you ride to the airport during rush hour, that total shoots up over $100. If we look at ride sharing, we get the same result. According to data comparing ride sharing to airport parking, ride sharing to LAX costs more than airport parking 82% of the time. For all but the longest trips, a taxi or ride sharing service will cost more than parking at the airport.

If you’ve been concerned by the steep price hikes at your local airport, consider giving offsite parking a try for your next trip. You can see all rates, discounts, and amenities for your local offsite airport parking on the Park ‘N Fly airport parking page.