When most people think about travel, they focus on the destination. Whether it’s a tropical setting with white sandy beaches or a charming chateau in the mountains, it’s easy to get lost in the promise of an upcoming trip. We spend so much time daydreaming about the final stop that we often forget about the journey. Traveling to and from your vacation spot does not have to be stressful. In fact, getting there can be an enjoyable part of your trip. Depending on how prepared you are, travel can be more relaxing than ever before. There are a few must-have travel accessories that will change the way you think about travel forever. We’ve gone ahead and compiled some of the most essential accessories that are worth buying to make your journey that much sweeter.

Electronic Luggage Scale

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Knowing how much you can pack is a critical part of the planning process for any trip. Most airlines have weight restrictions for checked luggage (average is under 50 lbs) and it’s often a guessing game as to how much your bag weighs. How many times have you under packed out of fear for exceeding the limits? Just think of all the extra shoes you could have brought! Or worse, how many times have you made it to the airport only to find out your luggage went over the limits. In this scenario, you either need to do some serious maneuvering between bags or possibly leave something behind (sad face). With an electronic luggage scale, you can very easily weigh your luggage before you leave for the airport. With a simple strap, you can attach to your bag and get a quick & accurate reading of your luggage’s weight. This eliminates all the drama and allows you to make the most of your packing. Not to mention, you can bring the scale on your trip so you know how many souvenirs you can fit!

Magical Ostrich Pillow

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While this pillow may attract some strange looks at the airport, it’s completely worth it. Designed to provide maximum comfort and privacy, this pillow is perfect for napping anywhere. Characterized by a soft, padded tube that goes over your entire head, this pillow is the ultimate napping device. Whether you’re delayed at the terminal or taking a red eye, this pillow will ensure you arrive well rested & ready to enjoy your trip

Travel Blanket

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In order to maximize your ability to nap, you’re going to need a blanket to go with your pillow. Instead of purchasing one on every flight, make the investment and buy a travel blanket. Not to mention these are much comfier than the ones provided on flights! Most have a carry case or strap to make it even easier to transport. By purchasing this travel accessory, you’ll be catching Zs in no time. As an added bonus, you may even find a use for your travel blanket on the trip itself. Whether you’re planning a romantic picnic or attending a concert in the park, that blanket will definitely come in handy.

Noise Canceling Headphones

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Worried about babies on your flight or perhaps a chatty neighbor? With the help of noise-canceling headphones, you no longer need to stress about the “wildcards” of traveling. These headphones are an absolute must-have for any frequent flyer. Using world class technology, these headphones continuously measure and react to outside noise, then cancel it with the opposite signal. The end outcome: there is nothing in the way of you and your favorite playlist!

Smartphone Sanitizer and Charger

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This next accessory is beneficial for travel and everyday usage. Planes and cruise ships are known to carry an insane amount of germs, but our smartphones may have even more. Research shows that since phones are warm, they are breeding grounds for bacteria. This gadget may seem pricey but is absolutely worth the investment. You spend so much time planning your trip, the last thing you want to worry about is getting sick. So how does it work? The device uses UV rays to clean your phone and rid it of bacteria. As an additional feature, it also charges your phone so you don’t have to stress about the dreaded “low battery” notification.

Wine and “Other Things” Protector

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This next accessory may seem a bit lavish but now you can take your favorite bottle of wine with you, or bring one (several) home without fear of them breaking and ruining your belongings. Let’s face it, a view is always much better with a glass of wine. Lined with absorbent padding, this accessory will protect your wine against impact and your clothes against staining should there be an accident. While wine may be your favorite item to transport, the technology isn’t just limited to alcohol. You can use for any fragile items that you collect along the way (i.e perfume, oil). Bottom line: this accessory is a must-have for wine enthusiasts everywhere!

Anti-Theft Travel Gear

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The last thing you want to worry about when traveling is someone stealing your belongings, or even identity! A must-have travel accessory in 2017 is anti-theft travel gear. While all products are designed differently, it’s worth doing some research to determine what luggage is right for you. Depending on the level of protection you need, there are several anti-theft accessories available to ensure your belongings are completely secure. From sophisticated locks, zippers, and buckles to data protection technology, these anti-theft features will help you leave your worries behind. You know what they say? You can’t put a price on peace of mind.

Who doesn’t look forward to an amazing trip? Traveling is meant to be an escape from our everyday lives and these accessories will help make the journey a memorable one. From providing you with maximum comfort to ensuring your belongings are safe, these gadgets will make traveling easier and more enjoyable than ever before. Before you book your next vacation, make sure you order these accessories to get the most out of your trip.