Everyone loves their mom but let’s face it, it can be hard to find that perfect gift. Some moms love traveling and exploring, even more than their kids do. With Mother’s Day right around the corner, there are plenty of gifts you can get for the special (and adventurous woman) in your life. Don’t settle for flowers when you can get her something that will make her journeys even better. If you’re looking for unique gifts for Mother’s Day, here is a guide to the best ideas for the traveling woman in your life.

1) Travel Cord Roll

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For mom’s that often find themselves living out of a suitcase, there’s nothing more frustrating than all of your electronic cords getting tangled. Reward your mom with a gift that will make her life a whole lot easier. This practical and stylish gift will help you organize up to 8 cords and 2 plugs so you can easily access what you need. When your battery is running low, you won’t need to get caught up in a tangled mess trying to access your charger. This unique gift will save your mom time and a headache!

2) Vintage Polaroid Camera

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While the Polaroid camera may not seem vintage to your mom, there’s something super fun and cool about having old-school photos. Your mom will be able to truly capture the essence of her trips and reflect on those experiences for years to come. If she’s a scrapbooker, she’ll absolutely love the authentic photos and the fact that she doesn’t have to worry about printing them. This is the perfect gift for the “artsy” moms that are all about making memories and looking back on their trips.

3) Skin Hangover Kit


Don’t be fooled by the name! This gift may not seem the best, but your mom will eventually thank you forever. With all the traveling your mom does, there’s naturally going to be some tired days and puffy eyes. This product is designed to revive and restore damaged skin and eyes. Your mom should be able to focus on her adventures without having to worry about the impact of an irregular sleep schedule or less than ideal diet (nothing against airport food). This kit has all the products needed so she can refresh her skin and maintain that healthy glow she’s famous for.

4) Sleep Mask

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A sleep mask makes an excellent gift for the traveling mom. She may not think she needs one, but it will seriously change the way she travels forever. Whether she is on a lengthy international flight or she has the unfortunate pleasure of sitting next to a “window opener/closer,” this mask will prove to be a real life-saver. Not to mention, it sends a very powerful message to a chatty neighbor. There’s nothing more critical to a successful trip than starting out with enough rest. Your mom will appreciate the extra zzz’s and she’ll have you to thank!

5) State Necklace

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If you’re mom travels often, it might be nice for her to have a “piece of home” with her at all times. This sentimental gift will ensure your mom knows you’re always thinking of her as she takes on the world. As exciting as travel can be, there are times it can feel a bit lonely and this gift will remind her of the loved ones she has at home. It doesn’t hurt that it’s super cute and goes with any outfit. If you’re looking for some “aweeees,” this gift should be #1 on your list.

6) SkyGuru

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With a traveling mom, it’s hard to imagine she has any fears but many adventurous women don’t enjoy flying. While they wouldn’t let it stand in their way of a great adventure, they still experience some anxieties that make flying an unpleasant experience. SkyGuru is an app designed to calm those nerves and prevent you from holding hands with the neighbor next to you. How does it work? All you have to do is enter your flight info, set your phone to airplane mode, and attach it to an armrest. The app then offers step-by-step notes from an expert about what’s happening through taxi, takeoff, mid-flight and landing. SkyGuru both anticipates the bumps and explains why you have nothing to fear. A gift like this might seem silly for “supermom” but even she may need some comfort on a turbulent flight. The app only costs $9.99 but it will mean even more knowing how much you thought about her.

7) Echo Dot

With a mom always on the go, this voice-activated gadget will serve as her mini personal assistant. The possibilities are virtually endless and your mom will soon discover all of the exciting capabilities available to her. Whether she wants to play music, read the news, set the alarm, or read an audiobook, she’ll wonder what she ever did before it. The only downside is having a mom that may be more tech-savvy than you are! Needless to say, this would make an excellent gift for the mom that likes to plan ahead and stay organized on her trips.

While you should always tell your mom how special she is, Mother’s Day is the ultimate occasion to let her know how much you appreciate her. It’s the perfect time to celebrate her boldness and sense of adventure. For moms who love to explore, these unique gifts will let her know you understand her love for travel and are always thinking of her when she’s on her journeys.