As a business owner, there are always tough decisions to make in the best interest of your company and your employees. When it comes to travel expenses, opportunities to cut costs and create efficiencies are everywhere. Depending on how often your employees travel, a corporate parking program could be a great way to save your business time and money. If travel isn’t a fundamental part of your business, a corporate program may not make sense for your needs, especially since most programs have minimums in place for trips taken per month. However, if your employees are traveling frequently to close deals, there are benefits of a corporate program you should consider. From special business rates to earning free parking (as well as other perks!), there is a clear upside to enrolling in a corporate parking program. It only makes sense that parking companies would find a way to reward their most frequent and loyal travelers!

There are program options with varying discounts and rewards but none that quite compare to Park ‘N Fly’s corporate parking program.   

With Park ‘N Fly’s Corporate Advantage Program, the sky is literally the limit.

As a Corporate Advantage Member, you will be eligible to earn one free award day of parking for every seven paid days. If you are traveling often, you’ll be collecting those free days in no time. Once you’ve earned an award day, it will be available immediately from your online account, Your corporate rate can also be used for leisure travel, which means all the more reason to take a vacation.

You may be able to earn even more benefits, depending on the tier level you company qualifies for.

Per the chart below, you will notice there are 3 levels (Silver, Gold, Platinum) all with different requirements and rewards. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, the benefits are obvious at any level. For those that qualify for Platinum, the decision to enlist in a corporate parking program is an easy one.

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Not only is a corporate parking program cost-efficient but it makes for easier travel. Your employees will be able to take advantage of online reservations and preferred parking. The smoother their journey, the more focused they will be on their reason for traveling in the first place. Business travel can be stressful and there is a lot to think about when important decisions are at stake. Fortunately, parking will be one less thing to worry about!

Many companies have started to depend on rideshare services to take care of their transportation needs but these services aren’t always the most reliable. In certain locations, it may be difficult to catch a ride and the outcome of missing a flight or meeting could be catastrophic to your business. Additionally, these services can get quite expensive, especially if your employees are relying on these services to and from the airport as well as to and from any meetings they have during their business trip. As part of its business model, some rideshare services employ surge pricing, where they heavily inflate their prices if there is significant demand in a certain area. Depending on where your employees are traveling, they could fall victim to these high rates throughout their journey. If you want to ensure your business has a reliable and affordable means of Transporting employees to and from the airport, a corporate parking program is the way to go.

If you are considering a corporate parking program for your business, you can apply hereto find out more information. A Sales Representative will be in touch within two business days to discuss the best option for your business!

If travel is a critical part of your business, a corporate parking program is an obvious choice. By participating in a parking program, you can take advantage of discounted company rates, earn free parking, secure preferred parking and more. If you’re constantly looking for new ways to cut costs, this is a huge win for your business. With so many things to do and decisions to make, it’s difficult for a business owner to find the time to set up such a program. Luckily, Park ‘N Fly will do the heavy lifting and all you need to do is sit back, relax, and earn those rewards!