Everyone loves to take an awesome trip but it’s easy to get deterred by expensive flights and hotels. Traveling is meant to be fun but it’s difficult to enjoy yourself if you’re stressing about whether or not you can afford everything. Fortunately, there are plenty of amazing locations that you can conquer on a budget. Whether you’re a nature lover or a city dweller, there are plenty of unique destinations that offer incredible experiences at a very affordable rate. If you’re looking to plan an unforgettable trip in 2018, check out this list of remarkable destinations that will blow your mind (not your wallet).


While it may cost you a bit to get to Nepal, you’ll get incredible value for your money while there. You can find quality hotels for $20/night and $10 can last you an entire day when it comes to food. Not only is Nepal surprisingly affordable, it’s absolutely breathtaking. With views of the Himalayas and access to jungle wildlife, Nepal is perfect for thrill-seekers and trek lovers. It’s such a fascinating destination you won’t ever want to leave (and your budget might last you long enough to not have to)!

Louisville, Kentucky

This southern city often gets overlooked when it comes to trip-planning time but don’t underestimate this charming city. Best of all, with lodging well under $150, you can visit without breaking the bank. Spend your time tasting the comfort cuisine or if drinking is your priority, explore the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, a tour designed to give visitors a firsthand look at the art and science of crafting bourbon. The distilleries charge a minimal fee for the tour so it won’t cost much to have a very memorable day. Louisville is a truly authentic city and you can experience all of its glory on a budget.

Tampa, Florida

Thanks to pretty much every music video ever, we’ve all dreamt of vacationing in Miami at some point in our lives. The reality is that Miami is extremely expensive and very few people can actually afford to experience this dynamic city. Fortunately, Tampa is an excellent alternative and some might even argue it trumps Miami. Known for its top-rated beaches, Tampa will not disappoint travelers looking for sun and fun. Tampa has a happening downtown located on the water featuring world-class dining, shopping, and entertainment. According to the Tampa Riverwalk website, “there is something for just about everyone no matter the time of day, manner of taste, level of energy or size of the wallet.” We like the sound of that!

Prague, Czech Republic

Similar to Nepal, it may not be cheap to get there but once arrived, your wallet can take a breather. Prague is extremely affordable. In fact, meals in a restaurant cost less than $3 and beers cost $2 from a bar. At these prices, you could buy a round of drinks for the whole town! Aside from being reasonably priced, Prague is a magical city known for its gorgeous architecture and rich history. You can visit whimsical castles, explore ornate clock towers, and walk charming cobblestone streets for the perfect European getaway. If you visit Prague in 2018, you’ll more than get your money’s worth.


Arizona provides the perfect backdrop for a memorable (and affordable) road trip. The Grand Canyon alone is reason enough to visit but the entire state offers a majestic experience. If you’re really looking to cut costs, consider camping and hiking throughout your trip. There’s nothing more special than an evening under the stars surrounded by the beauty of nature. Plan a road trip across the state and stop at some of the more notable landmarks: Chiricahua National Monument, Lake Powell & Glen Canyon, and Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park. The gorgeous views and unique landscape will wish you had discovered the southwest sooner. Arizona is the perfect place to satisfy your wanderlust and you can even do so on a budget.

Researching for a trip can be a bit scary! As you start to explore flights, accommodations, attractions, and restaurants, you can’t help but think about what this dream trip is going to cost you. Luckily, there are plenty of destinations that offer the awe-inspiring experiences that make traveling so special but at a fraction of the price. Traveling is meant to refresh and if you’re stressing about your budget, you won’t be able to appreciate the benefits of why you booked the trip in the first place. We are all guilty of stalking glamorous Instagram and Pinterest posts but it’s important to stay true to yourself. Stay within your means and plan a trip that is going to inspire you (not bankrupt you). Any of these destinations can provide the amazing vacation you deserve.