Traveling for work can be great for business but it can take a serious toll on the body. All of those flights, meetings, and hotels can disrupt your usual routine and throw off of your work-life balance. When you’re constantly on the road, it can be tough to find time for the things that bring you joy. Whether that means your family, your health, or your passions, it’s critical to find a way to balance your bliss with your business goals. Not only is work-life balance good for the soul but it helps to improve productivity and focus, making your business trip that much more successful. It’s easy to lose sight of the things that matter so here are 4 business travel tips that are sure to improve your work-life balance:

1) Try to Stick to a Schedule

One of the hardest parts of traveling for work is not having a set routine. Just because you’re not staying in your home, doesn’t mean you can’t create some sense of normalcy. Try to stick to your usual sleep/exercise/eating schedule to keep healthy. If you’re traveling with your co-workers, it can be tough to deviate from the group. Don’t be embarrassed about doing your own thing. It’s important to prioritize your own needs so don’t apologize for heading to your room early or going to a different restaurant that aligns with your lifestyle. There are of course situations when you’ll need to compromise but try to take advantage of the times you can stick to your habits from home.

2) Make Time for the Things (and Ones) You Love

Between meeting prep and client dinners, it can be tough to find time for your favorite things and people. Make a point to carve out time to face-time your family or hit the gym. If you need to put it in the calendar to make it official, go for it. While a consistent routine is critical (see tip #1), if you do choose to wake up a bit earlier or stay up later than usual, make sure that time is dedicated to something that makes you happy. Whether that extra hour allows you to go on a morning jog or scroll through the shared family album, make sure this time is spent doing something that alleviates stress. If you can’t swing a full-hour, take 15 minutes a day to go on a walk or practice meditation. It’s so important to recharge, especially when you’re on the road.

3)  Plan a “Less-Stress” Trip

Every company has different travel policies, but if you do have the power to book your own flights and hotels, try to select arrangements that match your lifestyle. If exercise is important to you, make sure your hotel has a gym or pool that you can take advantage of. When it comes to flights, try to avoid stressful layovers that will cause serious anxiety. Same goes for red-eyes! These late-night flights can seriously disrupt your sleep cycle and cause fatigue that could last your entire trip. Everyone de-stresses differently, so it’s important to book accommodations that work for you. If you love to sight-see and explore, try to book a hotel near the action and excitement. If you prefer cozy surroundings, see if there are any Bed & Breakfasts in the area that are within your budget. When traveling for business, the stakes and accompanying stress-levels can be very high. With all of that nervous energy, it’s key to place yourself in surroundings that are comfortable and pleasant. If you’re trying to minimize anxiety, consider these 6 crucial gadgets for the business traveler that will make your life on the road a whole lot easier.

4) Bring Things That Remind You of Home

If you’re traveling more often than you’re home, it can be very lonely to be away from your loved ones. Bring a picture of your family so you’re reminded of their warmth or even a special trinket that triggers a fond memory. These memories & keepsakes will help you stay focused on the task at hand. Even more important than treasuring these memories, is making new ones when you’re home. Make the most of your time at home by spending quality time with your family and doing the activities that make your heart full. If you stay present in the moment and appreciate the time with your loved ones, you’ll feel re-energized and ready for your next trip.

Traveling for business is an amazing opportunity to strengthen existing relationships or create new ones. With so much at stake, business travel is often hectic and stressful so it’s important to maintain your lifestyle and prioritize the things you care about. These tips are an excellent starting point if you’re looking to improve your work-life balance and find your happy place!