There are many reasons to visit the great state of Ohio. Most tourists flock to this Midwestern gem to experience The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame or The Cleveland Museum of Art. Both attractions are extremely impressive and offer access to unique exhibits that you can’t find anywhere else. As remarkable as these attractions are, Ohio is home to plenty of other interesting landmarks that should not be overlooked. For those looking to experience the quirkier side of things, Ohio is the perfect location to ditch the traditional and embrace the unusual. Not convinced Ohio can provide the offbeat trip you’ve been itching for? Here are 5 quirky and unusual places to see in Ohio.

1. The American Sign Museum 

Located in Cincinnati Ohio, The American Sign Museum is home to the largest public sign museum in America. According to their website, their mission is to celebrate the rich history of American signage through preservation and education. The museum showcases over 100 years of signage ranging from electric signs to the modern plastic-faced sign. Most of us don’t notice the many signs we come across in our everyday lives. This fascinating exhibit will make you take another look at the messages hiding in plain sight. There are even guided tours if you’re seeking an educational and entertaining experience. All signs indicate you will have a great time!

2. A Christmas Story House

If you’re seeking a truly unconventional vacation, you’ll be pleased to learn that the actual house featured in a Christmas Story is located in Cleveland, Ohio. The legendary home has been restored to its former glory so enthusiasts can relive all of the classic moments. Superfans can even stay overnight for a fully immersive experience. It doesn’t get much quirkier than a sleepover at one of the most recognizable homes in movie history. Make sure to stop by the gift shop on your way out to take home an iconic leg lamp of your own!

3. Crystal Cave

If you love the beauty of nature and can appreciate a good buzz, this unusual attraction is the perfect addition to your itinerary. Located in the historic city of Put-In-Bay Ohio, this natural wonder does not disappoint. Discovered by workers in 1897 while digging a well for the winery 40 feet above, Crystal Cave is recognized as the world’s largest geode. The magnificence of the crystals is reason enough to visit but it doesn’t hurt that the cave is connected to a family owned and operated winery. Once you’re done exploring the cave, wine down with a glass or two of Ohio’s finest reds and whites.

4. The Haserot Angel

For those interested in the darker side of things, you won’t want to miss this eerie experience. Lake View Cemetery is home to over 100,000 graves but its most talked about attraction is the Haserot Angel statue. Sculpted as the angel of death, this haunted statue appears to be crying real, black tears. There are many theories as to why the angel is weeping tears – some which can be explained by science and others that rely on spookier logic. If you’re seeking thrills and chills, you should definitely make a stop in Cleveland to visit this iconic grave marker.

5. Loveland Castle

Free-spirited travelers will fall in love with the Historic Loveland Castle & Museum Chateau Laroche. Construction of the castle began in the 1920s by a medieval enthusiast by name of Harry Andrews. He built the entire castle by himself and has a very colorful past, so you’ll be thrilled to learn more about him from the Knights that still guard the castle. From solving puzzles to viewing the period weaponry on display, there are plenty of fun activities for everyone to enjoy. You can even pack a picnic lunch and take in the gorgeous views overlooking the river. If you’re seeking the ultimate medieval experience, dress up in period attire for a quirky photo shoot. Be warned, the castle is rumored to be haunted by a few ghosts.

Still in need of some unusual places to fill your itinerary? Check out some of the best things to do in Cleveland that you never knew existed. The Frozen Cleveland Lighthouse is especially interesting as it demonstrates the power and splendor of mother nature. You won’t want to pass up a chance to see this magnificent sculpture in person.

Ohio has lots of popular places that attract visitors from all over the world but it’s often the hidden treasures that make for the best memories. Ohio has no shortage of quirky and unusual destinations that offer unique experiences you won’t soon forget. If you’re looking for a trip that’s off the beaten path, Ohio has exactly what you need to satisfy your curiosity.