Temperatures are heating up, which means summer is finally here! It’s time to take a break from reality and embark on a memorable vacation. For those lucky enough to spend the entire summer abroad, you’ll want to make sure you have everything you need for a successful trip. No matter the destination, there are always ways to enhance your travels. Whether you’re looking to make your journey stress-free or you’re more focused on enjoying every moment to the fullest, there are tons of gadgets that will help you get the most out of your trip. Here are 6 of the coolest travel gadgets that will make your summer abroad unforgettable.

Park ‘N Fly’s Summer Pass

Make sure to check out the Summer Pass if you want unlimited parking all summer. Get the best possible rates and lower the cost of your Memorial Day or Forth of July parking with the Summer Pass! This pass makes it easy to scan in and out of our lot with no hassle. The pass starts May 24th and end July 31st this summer. Remember, supplies are limited, so get it before we run out! Pass only available at our Atlanta Fly, Dallas, Minneapolis, Ontario, and Philadelphia lots.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

Noise-canceling headphones are always a good idea. Whether you want to focus on work or experience your playlist to the fullest, these innovative wonders will be a real life-saver on a long plane or train ride. Noise-canceling headphones can be a bit expensive but they are totally worth the investment. Can you really put a price on peace and quiet?

Stance® Phone Tripod and Bottle Opener

If you’re looking to capture your amazing experiences abroad, this compact tripod is the perfect gadget for aspiring cinematographers. Not only can you record shake-free footage, but you can also face-time loved ones and watch your favorite shows with ease. As if this contraption couldn’t get any cooler, it doubles as a bottle opener. After a long day of shooting, enjoy a refreshing beverage while watching your masterpiece.

Universal (All-in-One) Plug Adapter

If you plan on visiting a few different countries this summer, a universal plug adapter will be essential. Some models offer coverage of more than 150 countries plus the ability to charge up to 6 devices at once. Gone are the days of stressing if your electronics will work overseas. A universal plug adapter will also free up valuable packing space so you can make more room for shoes! If you love a spontaneous getaway, this product is definitely worth the investment.

Activ5 Portable Excercise Device

It’s always a challenge to maintain your exercise routine when traveling but with Activ5, there are no excuses. This portable fitness device and strength training app doubles as a personal coach taking you through low impact, isometric exercises with a 5-minute (or longer) daily workout. While enjoying your summer abroad, you might not have access to a gym. Fortunately, Activ5 serves as a “portable gym” featuring dozens of specially designed isometric exercises in over 100 workouts. The app is super advanced and tracks your results while customizing future workouts based on your unique strength. Thanks to Activ5, you can prioritize your health and fitness no matter where you are.

Smartphone Sanitizer and Charger

As featured in our “List of Travel Accessories That Are Actually Worth Investing In,” a smartphone sanitizer and charger is the key to staying healthy during your travels. If you plan on experiencing your trip to the fullest, you’ll likely be exposing yourself (and your smartphone) to plenty of germs. So how exactly does it work? The device uses UV rays to clean your phone and rid it of bacteria. As an additional feature, it also charges your phone so you don’t have to worry about running low on battery. No one wants to get sick while traveling and this innovative apparatus will help keep you in the clear.

EyeJust Screen Protector

Hopefully, when enjoying your summer abroad, you won’t be spending too much on your iPhone. Inevitably, there will be some occasions in which you need to reach for your smartphone. Did you know that staring at your smartphone could have a negative impact on your health? According to EyeJust’s research, the blue light emitted by screens penetrates all the way to the retina, over time damaging our vision and causing eye strain. It can also cause sleep disruption and pre-mature aging of the skin. Purchase a blue light blocking screen protector and defend your eyes from those harmful side effects. The invisible screen protector can be easily applied without impacting the brightness or color of the display. If you want to enjoy sight-seeing to the fullest, make sure to take care of your eyes!

Still in search of more beneficial technology to make your summer unforgettable? Here are 6 crucial gadgets for the business travelerTrackR is especially valuable if you’re guilty of always losing or misplacing things. When you’re in a foreign country, you especially can’t afford to lose important items. With TrackR, all you have to do is attach the coin-size tracker to any item and use the TrackR app to locate it. You can ring your missing item or even set up a custom reminder to alert you if you leave certain items behind.

If you’re looking to enhance your travels, consider investing in some of these cool products. Even without these fancy gadgets, your summer abroad will still be legendary!