When most travelers start to plan a midwest escape, they tend to narrow their focus to the popular city of Chicago. While Chicago’s architecture & deep-dish pizza is legendary, it would be unwise to rule out some of the surrounding cities, specifically, St. Louis! This vibrant city has a lot to offer, especially for those traveling with kids. With an abundance of museums, parks, and restaurants there is no shortage of fun and educational activities for the family. Not only is there plenty to see and do in St.Louis, but tons of attractions are completely free. Still not convinced St. Louis is the perfect vacation spot for families? Here are the best things to do, see and eat in St. Louis with kids!


City Museum

If your kids love exploring, City Museum will keep them entertained all day long. This eclectic museum is an architectural wonder made out of distinct objects. This urban amusement park functions as a playground, art gallery, circus, and so much more. There is truly something for everyone. Your kids will go crazy over the 10-story slide and there is even a Ferris wheel on the rooftop. Be prepared to spend your day crawling and getting lost in tunnels, but having an awesome time doing it.

Saint Louis Zoo

The Saint Louis Zoo is a no-brainer if you have kids that are fascinated by animals. Recently voted Best Zoo and America’s Top Free Attraction, the representation of animals will not disappoint. With over 16,000 animals, your kids will have access to all types of creatures and critters, many of which are rare and endangered. If you have kids that love to learn and take in new experiences, the Zoo has a number of educational and recreational shows for its visitors. There are even animal feedings for sea lions, penguins, tree kangaroos, and more! With 90 acres of exhibits and attractions, your family is sure to have a wild time.


Gateway Arch

The Gateway Arch is arguably the most iconic landmark in St. Louis and for good reason. This renowned monument provides a glimpse into American history and modern design. If your family is seeking adventure, take a tram ride to the top and soak in the beautiful views. Sitting 63 stories high, this attraction is probably not a good idea for those with a fear of heights. If you’re looking to stay closer to the ground, a riverboat cruise might be more your speed. Take in the views from a different perspective as you cruise along the Mississippi. No St. Louis vacation would be complete without a visit to the Arch!

Busch Stadium

If your kids are big sports fans, there is no better place to visit than Busch Stadium. Home to the Cardinals, this venue has been host to world championships, concerts, and other celebrations. If the Cardinals are in town, you won’t want to miss the chance to attend a baseball game with the whole family. The electricity and excitement of the crowd will provide a unique experience you won’t soon forget. If you don’t get the chance to watch the Cardinals in action, have no fear. You can still take a tour of the stadium to learn all about the Cardinals and why they are consistently recognized as one of the best MLB franchises out there.


Frozen Custard

This sweet treat is unique to St. Louis so if you get the chance, you must try this tasty dessert. It’s similar to ice cream but has a thicker, richer consistency. You can even try a concrete – a unique treat that is so thick it can be served upside down. Talk about an Insta-worthy picture! After a fun day of exploring the city, frozen custard is the perfect way to top off your evening. Make sure to head over to Ted Drewes for the most famous custard in town.

St. Louis Style Pizza

A trip to St. Louis wouldn’t be complete without trying their legendary pizza. What makes this pizza so distinct? The crust is cracker-thin and the finished product is cut into squares. The most defining trait is the cheese used – Provel vs. mozzarella. Provel is a trademark for three kinds of cheese (provolone, Swiss, and white cheddar) fused to form one cheese. This type of pizza isn’t for everyone (in fact, it has a reputation for being either loved or hated) but it’s definitely worth a taste when in St. Louis!

From whacky museums to iconic landmarks, it’s obvious St. Louis would be a great place for the whole family. With so much to do, see and eat, your kids would never complain of boredom or hunger. St. Louis is the perfect destination for those seeking culture, adventure, and delicious cuisine. When you’re ready to book your next trip, meet me in St. Louis!