Airports across the country are already facing a shortage of parking, which is adding to travel stress and even causing passengers to miss their flights. In addition to the travel uptick we’ve seen throughout the spring, the forthcoming influx of summer getaways is poised to make matters even worse.

Add this on-site airport-parking shortage to the long list of COVID-related problems. During the pandemic, many people (especially city-dwellers) who didn’t already have cars purchased vehicles as a safer way to travel. Now, these new car owners are driving themselves to the airport for leisure and business travel—which means fewer available spots.

Eliminate The Hassle Of Airport Parking

Park ‘N Fly does even more than save you the extra time you’d ordinarily tack onto your outbound trip to ensure you find a place to park without worrying about missing your flight. Depending on your departure location, you can choose from a variety of spot options, including covered and valet parking, as well as extra-large spaces for extra-large vehicles.

What really sets Park ‘N Fly apart is what you’re guaranteed to get at every location. In addition to a reserved spot that awaits your arrival, our shuttle service and friendly drivers will pick you up at your spot and provide assistance with your luggage.

All Park ‘N Fly locations are just minutes away from the terminal, so you’ll actually save time (as well as money and stress) by parking with us.

Many of our locations offer extra amenities such as car washes, car detailing, oil changes and even pet boarding. We have electric cars covered with charging stations as well.

The solution to this ever-growing travel issue is Park ‘N Fly, the country’s premier off-site airport parking option. In addition to significantly lower daily rates as compared to parking at the airport, Park ‘N Fly completely eliminates the hassle of finding a spot by allowing you to reserve a space in advance via our website or smartphone app.

Those who travel often can save even more by purchasing Pre-Paid Days or our Monthly Parking Pass. Park ‘N Fly is also proud to offer the Frequent Parker Program, which allows customers to earn free “bonus days,” avoid booking fees and enjoy other membership perks (depending on level). With this tier-based loyalty program, the more you park with us, the more you save!