VSP Parking

Burbank Airport Parking through VSP Parking

Airport Parking in Burbank by VSP Parking

Hours of Operation: 
5:00 am – 11:30pm daily

Airport Parking in Burbank by VSP Parking

Our Parking Partner; VSP Parking, at Bob Hope (BUR) Airport is located across from Bob Hope/Burbank Airport and has an additional entrance on Thornton Avenue. VSP offers both secured covered and outdoor parking, VSP provides fast, prompt and personalized service with shuttles circling the airport every three minutes or on-demand. Other amenities include online reservations, pre-pay discounts, luggage assistance, ding-deterring pads between covered stalls, and car detailing services including dent removal and window tinting.

Shuttle Information: Shuttle departs every 3 minutes or on demand.  Two-minute ride to airport terminal.

Arrival & Shuttle instructions

Arrival Instructions: Customer must present the printed prepaid voucher upon entry.  Digital vouchers will not be accepted. 

Return Instructions: When you arrive back into Burbank, please return to the tram stop labeled “OFF AIRPORT PARKING SHUTTLES” where you were dropped. The pickup location is located 1 island in from the terminals, directly in front of terminal B. If there is not a VSP shuttle already waiting there, pick up the courtesy phone located at the tram stop, dial ”1”, and let the answering attendant know that you are ready to be picked up. When the shuttle arrives, the driver will load your bags on to the shuttle if you desire, and will return you to VSP.

  • Car Wash & Detailing keeps your car clean without having to make that extra stop.
  • Covered Parking: Are you worried about the rain or sun affecting your car while you are away? Don’t worry! This airport parking location offers covered parking to take care of your car while you are taking care of business.
  • Drop your car off at our lot entrance, jump in the shuttle, and you’re on your way. When you return, your car is ready and waiting for you, helping you get home sooner.
  • Online Reservation: When making or reserving your airport parking space, it can be done completely online. You can reserve and pay online to get in and out to your flight quicker.
  • Luggage Assistance: drivers are available to help you lift and carry your luggage on and off our shuttles.