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Frequent Parker Program (earn free days)

Join the best airport parking loyalty program you’ll find anywhere. In addition to occasional coupons and promo codes, regular travelers can earn discounted parking on every trip with the best loyalty program in the industry! We know how to treat our loyal customers, with some of the cheapest parking and largest discounts available. Every time you park with Park ‘N Fly you will earn free days you can apply to future stays! See the table below for member benefits.

Once you’ve earned an award day it will be available immediately within your online account. You may redeem your award day online or print the award day voucher to present to the cashier at checkout.

For further information about our Frequent Parker Program visit our FAQs to get more information.

Frequent parker program

The best parking loyalty program. A must for regular travelers.

Monthly parker program

An unbelievable offer for frequent fliers and long term parkers.

AAA member discounts

View info on AAA parking discounts for Park ‘N Fly customers.