The 1960s were the golden days of air travel. It was an era where travel was an upper-middle-class glamorized experience. Pan Am was at its peak. Women were traveling the world as stewardesses. And in the city of St. Louis, Martin Bloom and Theodore Desloge were putting the same glamorized concept to work in the parking industry, thus creating Park ‘N Fly.

Park ‘N Fly became the pioneer in off-site airport parking, forever changing the travel industry. Back in the day there were five facilities operating with small 60’s style vans, driven by “chauffeurettes,” taking customers to and from the airport. “We were the stewardesses of parking, we were the elite, the best, and we were envied by others. We had celebrities, professional sports teams, heads of industry, the cream of the crop; all parking with us, as well as, the everyday traveler that we made feel like royalty. We were the first door to door service that took the stress out of travel. Our early uniforms were hip and trendy, they consisted of hot pants/miniskirts, slacks in the winter, go-go boots, and long vests. We were pioneers in the parking industry.” (Straight from an original Park ‘N Fly “chauffeurette”).

Today Park ‘N Fly has been operating for nearly 50 years in 14 markets, with 16 facilities, and 80 affiliate locations offering services from valet parking to car detailing to pet boarding and even online reservations. While the go-go boots may be gone, we still make sure our customers have the most convenient experience and always feel like royalty.