Carry-On Bags – Where Space Really Matters

With most airlines charging for checked baggage, more travelers are opting to use carry-on luggage, which means packing space can be very limited and no one wants to be the person who needs assistance lifting a bag because it is too heavy. Here are some tips to make the most of your carry-on suitcase:


  • For the not so brand loyal person, skip packing soap, lotion, and shower products. Majority of hotels provide good quality products for their customers to use.
  • Can’t travel anywhere without your specific hair gel? Make an errand run to The Container Store to view the travel selection of “GoToobs” and bottles. Take it a step further and purchase labels so you aren’t trying to wash your hair with your facial cleanser.
  • If you want to skip the extra step and buy the product ready to go, Target and Walmart provide a wide selection of brands in 3oz or smaller. Salon level products for the whole family can be found at where you have a wide pick of brands, all in 3oz or smaller container.


No one enjoys ironing, especially after a long trip, but it beats looking as if you just pulled everything from your bag. Here are a few ways to reduce the amount of wrinkles and avoid lots of ironing while unpacking.

  • Try wearing your suit on the flight. It may not be the most comfortable travel outfit, but it is better than packing it away in the suitcase. A quick steam when you arrive, and you are ready to go.
  • Speaking of steam, you can check two things off your list by hanging your clothes in the bathroom while you relax in a hot shower. The steam will help might leave you not having to iron at all.
  • When you are packing, try placing clothing items in drycleaner bags. The plastic reduces friction between the layers, which will help reduce the chance of wrinkles. Tissue paper will also work.


  • At this point, you can leave the hair dryer at home. Almost every hotel room has one in the bathroom.
  • Space saver bags and packing cubes maximize how much can fit in your bag and help to keep items organized; socks and underwear in one and shirts in another.
  • Trying to keep up your workout regimen, but hate packing running shoes? Some hotels now offer the rental of fitness gear, including shoes: Two examples are Westin and Fairmont hotels offer Reebok or New Balance clothes and footwear for a small fee. By making a quick phone call to see if this is available at your hotel you gain some crucial packing space (Check back to read more tips on staying healthy during your next trip).