Tricks to Sleeping on Your Flight

Are you leaving for a long-haul or red-eye flight in the near future? If you’re hoping to get some sleep while in the air, there are several things you can do prior to the trip to set yourself up for slumber success. Below you can check out our helpful tips for how to sleep on a plane:

Before your Flight

Knowing Where to Sit
Choosing the right seat is essential to the quest for airplane slumber. First, consider how you sleep in a bed. Do you tend to sleep on your left or right side or on your back? If you’re a back sleeper, a window seat on either side is perfect. If you are a right side sleeper, choose a right side window seat or vice versa for if you’re a left side sleeper.

To minimize feeling any turbulence, try to get a spot towards the front of the airplane, as turbulence is usually most noticeable in the back.

Another upside of a seat towards the front of the plane is that it’s generally away from the lavatory, which is a high traffic area and could emit an unpleasant smell. If you’re quite tall or of professional athlete stature, an investment in an exit aisle seat may be worth the upsell. Of course, if you can swing a business class seat or upgrade, that might be the right choice for you. Many airlines now offer an “economy plus” option with a little more space, better seats at the front, and early boarding. This is a good alternative to the pricey business class seats.

Be sure to check Seat Guru to make sure the armrests are retractable. In case you really luck out and don’t have anyone seated next to you, you want to be able to leverage the entire row to get comfortable.

In-Flight Tips for Sleeping on a Plane

Blocking out the Light
There are several techniques you can use to block out light when trying to sleep on a plane. If you are looking for the most efficient approach for your carryon, travel with an inexpensive eye mask that can simply be disposed of when you arrive at the final destination. If you like to find opportunities to pamper yourself, you could invest in a soft, velvet-lined eye mask stuffed with lavender. The lavender scent is known to be soothing and will help lure you into slumber. Many eye masks now have a raised area over the eye to allow for eye movement in your sleep. This will help you get more comfortable and not feel like something is pressing on your eyes.

Blocking out the Noise
Equally important to blocking out light is blocking out noise. This can be achieved with earplugs or noise canceling headphones. Be sure to find an earplug that fits comfortably in your ears. Ear plugs come in different sizes are made of materials like foam and wax so they can easily be molded to fit your ear. If you choose the headphones approach, try listening to a short deep-sleep or relaxation meditation. This signals to your mind that it’s time to tune out, relax and get some shuteye.

Getting Comfortable
There are many options for neck pillows, and we suggest testing a few to find what works best for you. Many travel companies such as Magellan’s have a wide variety to find the one that best fits your sleeping style. For travelers with shorter legs, using your carry on as a footrest or finding a collapsible footrest, will make your legs more comfortable for longer flights.

Dress Comfortably
Just like at home, when you’re sleeping on a plane you want to be comfortable. Travel in pants and tops that are not constricting. Ladies can carry an oversized wrap that can double as a light blanket. Dressing in layers will help you manage a hot to cold plane – you never know which you’re going to get.

Safe travels!