We all look forward to a good vacation but traveling for business isn’t quite as glamorous. Any seasoned business traveler knows that flying for work is all about efficiency and saving time. Believe it or not, your luggage could have a significant impact on whether or not your meeting is a success. In fact your luggage could dictate if you make it to the meeting at all. Most business travelers are hardcore carry-on luggage advocates for a few reasons. Their bag stays with them at all times. If you have sensitive software or other gadgets that are going to make or break your meetings, it would be a disaster to lose those items (even just temporarily).

Time is of the essence for most business travelers. It’s often a race against the clock to catch that connecting flight or pick up that rental car before rush hour. Opting for a carry-on can save you serious time on the both tails of the trip. You can avoid a visit the ticket counter to drop off your bag and you can eliminate the often lengthy wait at baggage claim. Some travelers still chose to check a bag over the inconvenience of hauling around their bags all day. Fortunately, luggage has evolved tremendously over time and there are many designs that make travel easier and smarter than ever before. Here are just a few of the best luggage brands for business travel:


These spacious suitcases are great for the business traveler that likes to pack a lot of options. You never know where the night will take you! Equipped with a removable battery and 2 USB ports, this smart luggage is clutch if you’re needing to charge your electronics. Its spinner wheels will give you the edge if you need to weave through airport traffic. The exterior is water-resistant and comes in 6 different colors. This luggage is perfect for any traveler that values both practicality and style.


With its smooth glide wheels, this roller luggage is sleek and durable. Equipped with a personal power hub, you can charge your electronics at your fingertips without having to fight over a nearby outlet. These rollers come equipped with a TSA approved lock to ensure extra theft protection. You’ll have everything you need “in case” of an emergency.


These durable and stylish rollers are perfect for the organized business traveler. With several compartments and sections, keeping your dirty laundry separate from your clean clothes won’t be an issue. Need to keep important documents intact? No problem with all the space these bags have to offer. This classic brand offers some of the most attractive and maneuverable luggage out there.


Our list wouldn’t be complete without Samsonite. They dominate the business travel space for a reason. With endless options on design, color, and style, there is a suitcase that makes sense for everyone. All of their luggage is designed with the business traveler in mind. From the spinner wheels to comfortable grip, navigating the airport never felt so good.


Calpak might qualify as our coolest brand on the list. I mean, check out these marble carry-ons! It’s not just about aesthetics for these rollers. Equipped with retractable handles, spinner wheels, and gel cushioning, this luggage is extremely mobile and easy to maneuver. With its expandable features, space won’t be a problem if you’re looking to pack that extra pair of shoes.

Swiss Gear

You’re probably starting to notice a trend here. Good luggage is expensive! It might seem unreasonable but it’s important to remember that luggage is an investment. That said, Swiss Gear has some very affordable options for the budget-conscious traveler. Their products offer many of the same features as other Brands (spinner wheels, expandable compartments, mesh pockets) but at a much more friendly price. Their technology is just as impressive with TSA approved locks and USB ports connected to a power bank.

Beyond luggage, there are several gadgets that are critical to the business traveler. When deals and relationships are on the line, you can never have too many accessories.

Business travel is a great opportunity to create new relationships and grow existing ones. With so much at stake, there’s a lot to take into consideration and plenty of room for error. It can be stressful to try and anticipate every situation. Some things are simply out of our control and there’s not much we can do about it. However, you can choose to invest in luggage that is going to set you up for success. Good luggage can be the difference between closing a deal and having the door closed in your face. It’s critical that you pick luggage that is going to make you feel comfortable and confident to take on the world! Go get ’em!