Every destination is known for something. Whether it’s an iconic landmark, a unique cuisine, or a legendary view, every location has its own special identity. Some cities are fortunate enough to be recognized as the friendliest places around. Thanks to their positive atmosphere and welcoming residents, some cities offer a warmer experience than others. Most of us don’t choose our next vacation based on the friendliness factor, but it’s definitely an element that should be considered. Having pleasant interactions and helpful exchanges can make your trip that much more memorable. Not sure where to find these hidden gems? Here is a list of the 5 friendliest cities in the US that you need to visit:

Savannah, Georgia

It’s no surprise that a southern city tops our list. Southern hospitality is alive and well in Savannah, Georgia. Locals are very open and eager to tell you about the rich history of this historic town. They are happy to offer recommendations and share their favorite stories, especially in regards to ghost sightings. This spooky (yet charming) town will make you feel warm and fuzzy all over. Looking for more reasons to visit Savannah? Here are just a few to get you in the planning spirit! Spoiler alert: gorgeous oak trees and fun trolley rides await.

Telluride, Colorado

Not only is this quaint mountain town stunning but its locals are happy to socialize and mingle with visitors. Located in a fairly remote corner of southwest Colorado, you don’t have to worry about the crowds or attitudes that often come with big-city living. Because it’s such an intimate town, residents are eager to converse with out-of-towners and share the magic of Telluride. You can take advantage of their world-class skiing during the winter months or experience the great outdoors when things warm up. Regardless of when you decide to visit, you’ll be welcomed with open arms!

Ann Arbor, Michigan

There are plenty of reasons to love Michigan (in case you need a reminder, read more here) but Ann Arbor stands out for its friendly and inviting reputation. This university town is extremely progressive and welcoming to its visitors. The University of Michigan is known for its school spirit and its united community will warm your heart. Ann Arbor is known for its art festivals and farmer’s markets, which are perfect venues to meet and converse with locals. It doesn’t hurt that Ann Arbor is situated among some of the finest nature out there. The fresh air seems to be doing its residents good!

Berkeley, California

Similar to Ann Arbor, this college town is so much more than that. While UC Berkely is a staple of the city and an absolute must-see, this progressive city is also known for its pleasant people. According to their tourism website, “everyone is welcome here.” With a motto like that, you know you will be embraced by the community. Located just outside the San Francisco Bay area, there are tons of museums, restaurants, and shops worth exploring. Even though many of Berkeley’s inhabitants are well-educated, you don’t have to worry about them being snobs. Berkeley residents value their “hippie” roots and try to keep those virtues alive. Needless to say, you would have a blast chatting it up with a member of this special community.

Greenville, South Carolina

Our list wouldn’t be complete without another representative from the south. When most travelers decide to plan a getaway to South Carolina, Charleston immediately comes to mind but Greenville is an impressive city that should not be overlooked in the decision-making process. This unique city has just as much southern charm and plenty of friendly faces that will make your vacation that much more enjoyable. Greenville has some of the best restaurants around & their southern comfort cuisine will make you feel right at home. Natives are extremely outgoing and will often greet you as you stroll through Greenville’s happening downtown area. If you’re looking to make memories and friends, Greenville is the perfect spot for your next vacation.

When planning a trip, it’s important to consider the friendliness of a destination. Some cities can be overwhelming and intimidating, which makes it tough to navigate and even harder to relax. Meeting approachable people can have a real impact on the success of your trip. Local experts can provide recommendations, tips, and create positive energy that will influence your entire experience. Traveling can be lonely at times and it’s easy to feel like an outsider in a foreign place. When you meet some friendly faces along the way, you’ll feel way more comfortable and be able to enjoy your trip to the fullest. Check out some of these cities for yourself and see what all the fuss (or lack thereof) is about!