10 years of marriage is quite the accomplishment so there’s plenty of reason to celebrate! For couples approaching this impressive milestone, it’s important to acknowledge with the attention it deserves. While most couples appreciate their everyday reality, it’s healthy to mix it up and take a break from the usual routine. For adventurous couples, it’s even more important to keep things exciting and try new activities together. At the beginning of your relationship, you probably had more freedom to travel and partake in adrenaline-pumping experiences. Just because you’ve been in each other’s lives for 10+ years, it doesn’t mean you can’t make new memories and share unique experiences together. Tired of the same old anniversary celebrations? Here are 5 alternative ideas that will bring the adventure & romance back into your life.

Pack Up + Go – A Surprise Travel Agency

For adventure-seeking couples, this is the ultimate way to celebrate your anniversary. Pack Up + Go plans your entire trip for you all while keeping your destination a complete surprise. MIND BLOWN! All you have to do is provide your budget and fill out a brief survey and they take care of the rest. It might seem a little risky but Pack Up + Go is the perfect solution if you don’t have the time or energy to plan a trip. Not to mention, it adds an extra element of suspense since you have absolutely no clue where you’re headed until the day of. Still not sold? A week before your trip, you’ll receive the weather forecast and packing tips for your destination. All trips are designed for 3-day weekends and you can list locations you’ve recently visited or intend to visit so the planners won’t send you there. If you’re feeling spontaneous, Pack Up + Go is the perfect way to embrace your 10 year anniversary.

Road Trip

A road trip provides the perfect mix of adventure and romance. Looking to spend quality time together? Hit the road and spend your time jamming out and getting caught up in conversation. Enforce a no-cell-phone policy to ensure the passenger is paying attention and taking in the experience. Not sure where to go? Here are 20 of the most popular road trip routes in the US. Route 66 is arguably the most iconic of the cross-country road trips. With its quirky roadside attractions, you’ll have plenty of reason to pull over and experience the beauty of America. Looking for a real adventure? Start a road trip with no destination in mind. Pack up the car and see where fate takes you. Similar to marriage, it’s all about the journey – not the destination.

Marathon Destination Trip

If you and your adventurous counterpart love to exercise and stay fit, a marathon destination trip is a great way to celebrate your 10 year anniversary. There are so many incredible marathons out there and you can revolve your vacation plans around participating in the race of your choice, at a destination you’ve always wanted to visit. Here is a list of some upcoming races for 2019 that span across the globe. Finishing the marathon will, of course, be the highlight of your trip but the real fun will begin after you’ve crossed the finish line. Treat yourself to delicious food & drink – you earned it!

Get Lost (and Found) In A New City

This anniversary idea is a little unusual but it could turn into a very memorable adventure. First things first, pick a place to visit that you’ve both always wanted to experience. Chose a starting point and then split up to try and find each other. As you look around the city searching for your partner, make sure to explore your location and try to experience all it has to offer. In this elaborate game of cat & mouse, you’ll need to decide if you want to partake in your usual hobbies or try to align with your partner’s interests in hopes of crossing paths. Raise the stakes and declare that the loser has to plan a special night out on the town. Once you find each other, you’ll be so excited and ready to spend the rest of your trip all over each other. This type of activity isn’t for everyone but if you’re hoping to spice things up, this fun game could be just what your relationship needs.


When in doubt, a good old fashioned camping trip is a great way to combine adventure & intimacy. Read up more on how camping (+ a few other getaways) make great anniversary trip ideas that will shake things up.

Marriage takes work and hitting the 10-year mark is no easy feat! Honor this joyous occasion with an alternative celebration that you’ll both remember for years to come. Adventure awaits!