Traveling for business can be stressful. There’s a lot at stake and unfortunately, a lot that can go wrong. There are a lot of variables at play (flight schedules, access to technology, disruption of your usual routine) which makes the room for error even greater. Business travel can seem overwhelming but there are plenty of ways to ensure a successful trip. With proper planning and a positive attitude, business travel can be extremely rewarding. Still not sold? Let our expert guide to stress-free business travel make you a believer.

Stay Charged

This useful tip applies to both your gadgets and yourself. There’s nothing more stressful than having a low battery so make sure you take advantage of all opportunities to juice your electronics. It might be inconvenient but finding a working outlet is well worth the hassle. Nowadays, most travelers rely on their mobile phones to access all of their most important documents: flight, hotel, and rental car information. Not to mention, phones often serve as either a GPS or the means for a ride altogether (i.e. Uber, Lyft). Without a powered phone, you will have a very hard time executing a stress-free trip. Don’t forget to charge your laptop either. Whether you need to send out a critical email or make a last-minute change to a presentation, you’ll need to be ready for any situation.

Before we move on from gadgets, it’s important to discuss the few that will make your life a whole lot easier. Here you can find a complete guide to 6 Crucial Gadgets for the Business Traveler but these are 2 of our favorites:


With the help of TrackR, you can locate lost items within seconds. All you have to do is attach the coin-size tracker to any item and use the TrackR app to locate it. You can ring your missing item or even set up a custom reminder to alert you if you leave certain items behind. There’s nothing more terrifying than misplacing something crucial to your success so this nifty accessory is a no-brainer for all travelers.

Wireless Travel Router

The importance of a reliable internet connection cannot be overstated. The consequences of not being able to send emails or properly prepare for your meeting could be detrimental to the mission at hand. Thanks to a wireless travel router, you can rest easy knowing that you will always have wireless access to the internet.

Staying charged doesn’t just apply to your electronics. Traveling for business can take a serious toll on your health and it’s tough to conduct productive meetings when you’re not at your best. The key is to try to stick to a normal routine, even on the road. Many travelers abandon their usual diet and exercise regiment, which can seriously throw off their energy. Most travelers think it’s impossible to stay in shape and eat right on the road but these articles prove otherwise! Make sure to check out these Useful Tips for Staying in Great Shape While Traveling and 5 Quick & Delicious Tips to Eating Healthy On The Road. You’d be surprised to learn how reasonable it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle on-the-go. Even tasks as simple as drinking lots of water and taking the stairs will make all the difference.

Plan Ahead

There are some obvious ways to make your trip less stressful and most can be accomplished in the planning phase. As mentioned in this article about improving your work-life balance, there are plenty of ways to place yourself in a comfortable and pleasant environment. If you do have the freedom to book your own flights and hotels, try to select arrangements that match your lifestyle. If exercise is important to you, make sure your hotel has a gym or pool that you can take advantage of. If you love to wander and explore, try to book a hotel near the action and excitement. If you prefer quaint surroundings, see if there are any boutique hotels that provide a more intimate setting. When it comes to flights, try to avoid stressful layovers that will cause major anxiety. Same goes for red-eyes! These late-night flights can seriously interfere with your sleep cycle and cause fatigue that could throw you off your game. When it comes to the meetings themselves, make sure you strategically schedule your sessions to ensure success. You’ll want to add a healthy cushion to account for any unforeseen delays or setbacks you may encounter. It’s important to stay focused on the task at hand and ensure no external factors get in the way of your business goals.

Stress-free business travel is totally doable. If you plan ahead, rely on nifty gadgets, and take time for self-care, your trip will be a huge success. You got this!