Park ‘N Fly Plus Atlanta

Need some help? Call us on 404-761-0364

🚐 ShuttleOperates 24/7
πŸ”Œ EV chargingAvailable at this lot
🀝 Loyalty benefitsFrequent Parker Program
πŸ”‘ OptionsUncovered, covered, valet, self-park

There are many premium parking options available around the Atlanta airport, but there’s only one Park ‘N Fly Plus. Park ‘N Fly Plus‘s close proximity to the airport and high levels of customer service, make us the No. 1 parking destination for Atlanta Airport parking. One stay with us and you’ll know we are more than just parking and strive to make your travel experience as easy as possible. Rain, sun, snow; we have you covered, literally, with covered parking options available.

The number one choice for covered and valet parking for Atlanta Airport!

* The Atlanta Plus Location is currently not offering direct shuttle service to the International Terminal at this time.

You’ll find us at 2525 Camp Creek Pkwy, College Park, GA 30337. Get directions.

  • ICar charging to take care of your car at the terminal while you are taking care of business elsewhere.
  • Atlanta Airport covered parking to protect your car from being affected by rain, sun, or snow.
  • Car wash and detailing, to ensure a clean car without having to make that extra stop before going home.
  • Our customers can also choose to valet, allowing you to simply jump on our shuttle to the terminal entrance. When you return, your car is ready and waiting for you, helping you get home sooner.
  • Our Plus lot also has qualified technicians that will change your oil and perform basic maintenance on your vehicle while you are gone.
  • We also give our customers the option to check-in for their flights at the lot, saving you time by getting your boarding pass before you head to the airport.
  • Covered CARPORT parking and garage parking with valet.

Does your facility have a preferred parking area? If so, where is it located and do the customers get picked up first and dropped off first?


Does your facility have an automatic car wash or car detailing?

Yes, hand wash detail.

Does your facility have EV stations and are there any added fees?

Yes, it’s a $5.00 flat fee and you must park valet for access.

Does your facility allow RVs or U-Haul size trucks?

Yes, but it depends on availability. Please call 404-761-0364 prior to parking an oversized vehicle.

If a car battery dies, do you guys assist with jumping the vehicle?


Is your service wheelchair accessible?

Call the facility at 404-761-0364 and ask to speak to the manager 24 hours before arrival so accommodations for transportation can be made.


We drop off on the upper level of both North and South terminals on the outer curb.


Head to the North terminal lower level by taking the elevator escalator down to LN1. Text for pickup available: 404 800 7031.

Fast shuttles, I have never waited more than 3 minutes, absolutely amazing I lived in three other states and flew a lot, you guys are the best!!!!

Convenient, courteous service and practically no waiting time for pickup in the lot or at the airport

Parkland, FL
Shuttle was very timely and the drivers were super courteous, all at a fair price!

Woodstock, GA
Fast, friendly and easy.

Dallas, GA
I appreciate how friendly the staff is. I love that the service is 24 hours.

Forsyth, GA
Prompt in picking up at airport. Would be nice to start serving the international airpirt

I'm still amazed at how easy these folks make dealing with the Atlanta airport. For too many years we suffered with airport parking, walking, and remembering where the darn car was. Always rushing. We started using off-airport parking with one of their competitors (across the street) and for several years that seemed like a godsend, but then the vans took longer both in and out, and one time in the middle of a rain we got to wait a LONG time coming back in the evening, so on the advice of a fellow frustrated rider (an airport employee who got a discount) we decided to try p&f plus. ALWAYS right there coming and going, Great folks, great trucks, and the car stays out of the weather.. Can't ask for more.

Close to the airport Touchless process Fairly quick process

Convenient and professional

The workers were really nice and I felt like my car was safe. Really put my mind at ease.

ATL Parking RatesRate Type
$8.75Self-park uncovered (Plus) – 10+ days – online rate
$9.95Self-park uncovered (Plus) – 7-9 days – online rate
$11.50Self-park uncovered (Plus) – 5-6 days – online rate
$12.75Self-park uncovered (Plus) – standard daily – online rate
$14.25Self-park uncovered (Plus) – drive-up rate
$9.00Self-park uncovered – 7+ days – online rate
$11.25Self-park uncovered – 5-6 days – online rate
$12.95Self-park uncovered – standard daily – online rate
$15.95Self-park uncovered – drive-up rate
$9.95Self-park covered (Plus) – 10+ days – online rate
$10.75Self-park covered (Plus) – 7-9 days – online rate
$12.25Self-park covered (Plus) – 5-6 days – online rate
$13.95Self-park covered (Plus) – standard daily – online rate
$16.95Self-park covered (Plus) – drive-up rate
$17.25Valet uncovered (Plus) – 7+ days – online rate
$18.75Valet uncovered (Plus) – standard daily – online rate
$19.95Valet uncovered (Plus) – drive-up rate
$18.95Valet covered (Plus) – 7+ days – online rate
$19.95Valet covered (Plus) – standard daily – online rate
$22.95Valet covered (Plus) – drive-up rate
Member discountsApplicable for loyalty and corporate members
Peak ratesMay apply during peak season