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PARK ‘N FLY Chicago Midway

PARK ‘N FLY Chicago Midway PARK ‘N FLY Chicago Midway

5200 W. 47th St.
Chicago, IL 60638
(708) 563-0300
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Chicago Airport Parking through PARK ‘N FLY Chicago Midway

Airport Parking in Chicago by PARK ‘N FLY Chicago Midway

The Park ‘N Fly lot at Chicago Midway International (MDW) opened in 2018 and totes all of the amenities and incredible service you’d expect from a Park ‘N Fly location. We have our work cut out for us in Chicago, a city that saw 58 million domestic and international visitors in 2018. The original airport for the second most visited city in the nation, Chicago Midway is also home to the world's busiest square mile for incoming and departing airline flights. With crowds and traffic to contend with, the last thing you want to have on your mind when you arrive at Chicago Midway International is airport parking. So, let us help! With convenient proximity to the Chicago Midway airport partnered with our trademark customer service and 24/7 access, we make parking at MDW the least of your travel-related worries.

You’re an early bird, especially for flights. You avoid running through busy airports to your terminal at all costs. You pre-choose your seats, pre-check your luggage and diligently have all your travel-ducks in a row. But you can’t always time the airport shuttle, forcing you to do the dreaded “terminal run” despite your best efforts. But with Park N’ Fly, your efforts will be rewarded every time you travel. We time all our shuttles to make sure they are running on a tight schedule, so you don’t have to worry about being late or missing your flight. As a dedicated PNF customer, you can simply drop your car off at our Chicago Midway lot entrance, jump in the shuttle and casually stroll to your gate, even stopping for a coffee before boarding. Even better? When you return, your car is ready and waiting for you. And as a way of saying thank you to our loyal customers, we offer complimentary bottles of water to make sure you stay hydrated during your travels. We’ve thought of everything, so you don’t have to.

Pick Up Instructions

When you return, simply call us toll-free at 888-720-7275 or text us at 708-870-2777 and we'll have our shuttle waiting for you outside the baggage claim area to help you with your luggage, return you to your vehicle, and get you on your way without having to walk, worry or wait in line.


All our locations include luggage assistance, well-lit and safe areas, 24/7 access, online reservations, door-to-door shuttle service, and world class customer service. Our drivers are even available to help pick up and bring your luggage on and off our shuttle. Flight times are never an issue when you utilize a Park ‘N Fly lot because we will be open to meet all of your parking needs, any time of the day.

The long-term airport parking rates for Chicago can be very costly, which is why we want to encourage you to always select us for your MDW airport parking needs. At PNF, one of our main goals is to help you save money on your travel costs. This is why we also offer an incentive to our loyal customers who choose us for their MDW parking needs. Not only do we offer competitive airport parking rates at Chicago Midway International Airport, but we also provide access to our Frequent Parker Rewards program, which is the most inclusive membership rewards program available. The program consists of monthly specials that help you cut costs and provide accelerated parking services. As a Frequent Parker Program Member, you will earn one free day of parking for every seven paid days and the opportunity to earn additional benefits based on qualifying tier level. Additionally, you’ll have the chance to link your credit card to your Frequent Parker Program Loyalty Electronic Card to use as your personal gate key for easy access into one of our 15 Park ‘N Fly lots. We also have other savings programs available such as the AAA discount, Corporate Advantage Program, Military discount, and more. Our Corporate Advantage Program was developed to treat our most devoted customers to our greatest perks.

Park N’ Fly’s CEO, Tony Paalz, is aware of our customer’s increasing reliance on mobile devices while they travel. Because of this, our main driver behind our elevated mobile app was to strengthen the overall user-experience and deliver a product that our loyal customers deserve. The most note-worthy redesign feature is the ability for customers to access Park N Fly’s Frequent Parker Program. This easy-to-use process allows customers to enroll in the program, claim reward days, apply discounts, and track their tier status, right from their phone. Hoping to take advantage of the newly updated app? It is conveniently available nationwide and is free to download. The app pairs perfectly with our new and improved gate system that allows you to scan the QR code on your phone for convenient access in and out of the lot. Park ‘N Fly relies on our unparalleled quality assurance to ensure you are collected from your car in five minutes or less and dropped off right at your terminal. Our over the top customer service and unrivaled convenience are characteristics of our business and staff that we are proud of.

Select Park 'N Fly locations (Chicago Midway, Atlanta Plus, Dallas Ft Worth and Houston Bush) now provide Covid testing through the Covid Clinic. Covid Clinic offers patients of all ages an efficient, safe and convenient drive-thru testing process that features the Rapid Antibody, Rapid Antigen, Expedited PCR and Antigen/Flu Combination tests, as well as rapid testing for worldwide travel. All tests made available at Covid Clinic’s testing sites are performed by CLIA certified labs and have received an Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA. *Test result timing varies (the *free Expedited PCR test has results available in 1-2 days). For additional information regarding pricing and to schedule an appointment, please visit: covidclinic.org.

For customers requiring extra assistance, please visit our Travelers with Disabilities

Chicago Midway Parking Services

  • Online Reservation: When making or reserving your airport parking space, it can be done completely online. You can reserve and pay online to get in and out to your flight quicker.

    Online Reservation
  • Luggage Assistance: drivers are available to help you lift and carry your luggage on and off our shuttles.

    Luggage Assistance
  • 24/7 Access: Whenever your flight lands or leaves, our lot will be open.

  • Indoor Valet Parking: Park in Style with us! Park 'N Fly features indoor valet parking option at this Airport.

    Indoor Valet Parking

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