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Corporate Advantage Park 'N Fly

Corporate Advantage Program

The Park ‘N Fly Corporate Advantage Program offers several benefits to corporate travel managers and their travelers by:

  • Providing discounted parking rates based on travel volume that are valid for both corporate and leisure travel
  • Offering a variety of booking options including the Park ‘N Fly website and app, booking tools such as Concur, and travel apps like BCD’s Tripsource
  • Helping travel managers gain insight and control of an unmanaged spend
  • Offering a tiered loyalty program where travelers may earn free parking
Corporate Advantage Enroll

Corporate Advantage Program

Our Corporate Advantage Program was developed to offer greater rewards to our most frequent and most loyal customers. It is our way of saying thank you for years of not only continued service, but helping us to perfect our own business.

To enroll, click the link to fill out the application. One of our representatives will contact you shortly.

Please note, the apply link below is for new companies requesting information on the Corporate Advantage Program.To register an account with your company's discount, please contact your travel manager.

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Corporate Advantage Benefits

  • Earn one free day for every seven days you stay
  • Link your Frequent Parker card to a credit card and it becomes your personalized gate key
    Link cards
  • Transfer your free days to family and friends
    Transfer Awards
  • Save time by using your Frequent Parker Card at the EzXit™ as you leave the lot
  • Receive additional Benefits when you reach Gold and Platinum status


    (Online discounts, no booking fees, bonus award days, preferred parking)

    Benefits - three stars
Frequent Parker Card Image

Plus Earn Preferred Status Tiers

Benefits Silver Member Gold Member Platinum Member
Qualified Stay Days Required 7-13 days 14-27 days 28+ days
Online Discount (from online rate Reservation) N/A 10% 15%
Booking fee Yes Yes No
Preferred Parking No Yes Yes
* Award Day Expiration from time of award 24 months 24 months 36 months
Bonus Award Days (AD's) N/A 1 Bonus AD for reaching Gold tiers 2 Bonus AD's for reaching Platinum tiers

*Award days expire two years after issuance (exceptions are for platinum tier members that have an expiration date of three years). Can combine awards, but there is a one-time use per award.

A qualified stay day is any paid day, 3 hours or greater, that counts towards a member's tier status. No qualified stay days are awarded for partial days or days where a free parking voucher was used for a stay. Chicago - Midway customers are not eligible to receive qualified stay days for any drive-up transactions at any time.

If you've reached a preferred status tier, your benefits will be available to you for use immediately upon reaching the qualifying tier level.

If you have any other questions, please visit our FAQs.

Enroll In The Corporate Advantage Program

As a Frequent Parker Program Member, you will be eligible to earn one free award day of parking for every seven paid days and have the opportunity to earn additional benefits based on qualifying tier level!

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