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Frequently Asked Questions

(Procedures & services may vary at Park ‘N Fly Network partner locations)

How do I find out details regarding locations and services for specific lots?

Contact information, addresses, maps, directions, and details on specific services available at individual lots are available on our website home page by clicking on  “Locations” and selecting a specific lot.

How do I cancel my reservation?

To Cancel: Please click this link  https://www.pnf.com/manage-reservations and enter the confirmation number along with the first and last name used. Click on "Find Reservation"

Disclaimer: Cancellations can be made up to 1 minute in advance. Reservations cannot be cancelled after the scheduled reservation time. All cancellations may be subject to a fee plus taxes where applicable. Example of Confirmation #: ABCD9

How do I modify my reservation?

To modify, please make a new reservation and fill out the form below. Please include the confirmation # of the reservation you want cancelled.

First and Last Name:

Email address used on reservations:

Reservation to cancel:(Confirmation #)

*Example of Confirmation #: ABCD9*


I was charged twice after exiting the parking facility. How do I get a refund?

 If you made a reservation and paid again while exiting our facility, please fill out the form below including a clear picture of the receipt.

The reservation is the agreed charge. The second charge will be refunded.

*To guarantee this does not happen again, please print your confirmation voucher and show upon exiting* 

First and Last Name:

Frequent Parker Number (last six):

Reservation Number:

Receipt Number (Please attach a clear picture of your receipt):

First Six and Last 4 of Credit Card used at lot:

Phone Number:



Prepaid Multiple Reservations

 If you accidentally made multiple reservations, please fill out the form below.

*Please exclude the confirmation # of the reservation you want to keep*

Example of Confirmation #: ABCD9

First and Last Name:

Confirmation Numbers (You want cancelled):

Phone Number:


How to receive credit for my past stay(s)

 If you did not receive credit for a past stay, please fill out the form below.

*Please attach a clear and visible scan or picture of the receipt

First and Last Name:

Email address on account:

Last six digits of Frequent Parker:

Phone Number:

*Please attach a clear and visible scan or picture of the receipt*


Lost or Never Received Confirmation

 If you booked a reservation online and received an error message or did not receive the email confirmation, please fill out the form below.

First and Last Name:

Email address used on reservation:

Phone Number:

Amount Charged:

Last 4 digits of Credit Card Used:

*If you booked a reservation and your confirmation has not been sent then we will resend the confirmation to you.*


Costco Coupon Not Redeemed

If you received an error while reserving with Costco vouchers, please use the form below. Please include all Costco coupon codes you were trying to use.

First and Last Name:

Parking lot location:(Not redeemable for Affiliate facilities)

Date and Time of Travel:(EX: 1/1/17 9am - 1/5/17 10pm)

Phone Number:

Coupon Codes:

*Example of Coupon Code: 5601-xxxxxxxx*


Corporate Advantage Program (CAP)

Good news! If you work for a company that is a part of our Corporate Advantage Program, you are eligible for even greater rates and rewards.

If you want to enroll in our CAP program, please visit https://www.pnf.com/corporate-advantage-program

What if my company already participates?

If you currently have a Frequent Parker membership and you work for a company that participates in our CAP program, we can convert your Frequent Parker account into the CAP program. Please read below for instructions.


*For verification purposes, please use your work email*

Using your work email address, email park@pnf.com with the subject “Convert to CAP”,  please provide:

First Name:

Last Name:

Current email address:

Company you work for:

Work Email address:

Can I link my AAA card, AARP Discount or Military Discount to my Frequent Parker Program card so that I can use the EzXit™?


AAA members are eligible for a discount which may vary depending on their home club.

For drive-up, you must present a valid magnetic stripe card to receive discount which cannot be combined with any other discount. Expired cards are not accepted. If a card is not able to be read, the cashier must have the customer sign the parking ticket and add the AAA number to the ticket. No other discount can be used with the AAA discount.

For online Reservations, AAA members can also add their AAA membership number (with the expiration date) to their profile and then receive the discount when you make reservations. You will get an option in the discounts screen to choose AAA or tier or CAP discount if applicable, whichever they prefer.

AARP Members

  • AARP members are now able to receive a 10% discount by entering a valid AARP Membership number in your online account profile. Each time you make a reservation you will be prompted to select the discount for which you are eligible, and would like to apply to that reservation.
  • AARP members may instead receive a 10% discount off of the posted daily drive-up rate when exiting.

Note: In order to apply the AARP discount to a reservation, you must have an account. It cannot be applied to a guest reservation.

Military Discount

Park ‘N Fly offers a 15% discount for members of the Frequent Parker program who are current or former military service members. To receive the discount, Frequent Parker Members simply verify their military status when you activate your Frequent Parker card online. After successfully verifying, your military status will be added to your profile, and the discount will be automatically applied each time you make an online reservation.

To receive the military discount, you must get verified first. Please visit pnf.com/frequent-parker-program/

For drive up, current or former military service members are also able to show a valid Military ID at the lot when at drive-up to receive the 15% discount.

I have made my reservation and will not be parking as long as anticipated. Will I receive a refund for these unused days?

No refund will be issued for unused days.

Cancellations can be made up to 1 minute in advance. Reservations cannot be cancelled after the scheduled reservation time. All cancellations may be subject to a fee plus taxes where applicable. Example of Confirmation #: ABCD9

 To Modify: Please make another reservation and contact us at park@pnf.com for a full refund on the original reservation. Please include the confirmation # of the reservation you wish to refund.

To Cancel: Please go to https://www.pnf.com/manage-reservations and enter the confirmation number along with the first and last name used.

I pre-paid my parking and have had to extend my trip. How do I pay for the additional days?

If you have an overstay on a reservation that has already been paid, you will be asked to pay the additional amount at time of check-out by inserting a valid credit card into the kiosk or pay with a cashier.

Why do I get charged for a full day for the time I stay past my reservation when I only stay a few hours over?

If you stay beyond your reservation, the charges are determined based on the hourly rate of the particular lot at which you parked. When the number of hours you stayed over, times the hourly rate would exceed the daily rate, you are charged the daily rate.

When should I expect to receive my refund?

Processing refunds will generally take within 3 to 5 business days.

I have made my booking and want to use a coupon when I return from my trip. Is this possible?

Certain coupons and discounts can only be applied during the reservation process.

 To re-book with online coupons and discounts: Please make another reservation and contact us at park@pnf.com for a full refund on the original reservation. Please include the confirmation # of the reservation you wish to refund.

*Please read the disclaimer for exact details for each promotions, discount, and coupons as they are designated for online or drive up only.

Is my credit card information secure?

With just one click, you can sign in securely to the Park ’N Fly website and have all your transactions protected by powerful Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology, and Private Communication Technology (PCT) security standards supported by Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 4.0 and higher, and other popular browsers. SSL encrypts your credit card number, name, address, and telephone number before they travel over the Internet. This makes doing business over the Internet as secure as purchasing by telephone.

For how many days can I make my booking?

You can make a booking up to 99 days at a time. If your stay is extended beyond 99 days, you may make multiple reservations to cover your stay, or you can pay for any additional days when you exit the facility. As indicated below, if you will be parking over thirty days, please notify the lot staff when you arrive.

Is there a maximum number of days I can stay?

No, however if you expect to stay more than 30 days you should notify a lot employee so that your vehicle is not considered abandoned. Vehicles parked for over thirty days without notifying lot employees may be towed at the owner's expense.

When will I receive my confirmation?

You will receive your confirmation in two ways:

1. At the end of the booking process, you can print the confirmation screen displaying your booking details.

2. You will also receive an email confirmation within 24 hours.

 *If you did not receive your email confirmation, please check your junk/spam folder*

I am disabled. Will you be able to accommodate my needs?

Park ‘N Fly is committed to providing exceptional customer service to all of our guests and we comply with all Federal, State and local ADA guidelines by providing accessible service. To this end, all customers requiring accessible service between our facility and the airport have three options: (1) with 24 hours’ notice from you, Park ‘N Fly will arrange for accessible transportation, at our cost, with our outside contracted service; (2) if it is not possible to provide 24hours’ notice, Park ‘N Fly will obtain an accessible taxi /rideshare vehicle to take you, at our cost, from our facility to the airport within 1 hour of your request; or  (3) Park ‘N Fly will provide a valet service where a member of Park ‘N Fly’s staff will drive you in your own vehicle to the airport, park your vehicle at the Park ‘N Fly facility, and then meet you at the airport with your vehicle upon your return. To learn more, please contact your local Park ‘N Fly location and ask to speak with the manager.

If I park at an affiliate location, can I receive credit for my stay?

The Frequent Parker Program is only available at Park ‘N Fly lots, not Park ‘N Fly Network affiliates. However, some affiliates may offer their own frequent parker program. Inquire at the local lot. For a map of Park ‘N Fly and affiliate lots, please click here.

Will my award days expire?

Yes, award days will expire two years after issuance (exceptions are for Platinum tier members that have an expiration date of three years).

How do I change my password?

Login to your account. Click on "Manage Profile." Enter your new password in the "New Password" field. Confirm it in the "Confirm New Password" field. Click the "Update" button.

I have forgotten my password and have requested a new one to be sent to me, but I have not received this in my e-mail. What do I do?

The email may have been caught by your junk and SPAM mail filters. Please check your junk mail or SPAM folders or email us at park@pnf.com.

How do I use my card?

Use your card when you enter and exit the lot to receive credit for your stay. Electronic member cards can only be used via EzXit at select locations. Each paid day will be counted toward earning one free award day of parking for every seven qualifying paid days as well as helping you earn status toward your preferred rewards tier (if a free parking voucher was used for a stay it is not counted as a paid day). You can track your progress and redeem awards in your online account.

I linked my credit card to my account. When I use my credit card to exit the facility, my days are not added to my account. Why?

Since your credit card is linked to your Frequent Parker Program account, please use your Park 'N Fly Frequent Parker Program card to enter and exit the facility. There is no need to present your credit card. You can also enter credit card information when you make a reservation and your Frequent Parker Program account will be "attached" to the reservation so you can use the Frequent Parker Program card as a "Gate Key" to enter and exit through the automated gates, and get points for your stays.

Will I receive a new loyalty card if I earned a different tier status based on 2016?

If you have moved up from member tier to silver tier, based on qualified stay days for 2016, you will receive a physical card in the mail in late February; however, you are able to start using your tier benefits immediately. The physical card you receive (when you reach the silver tier) is the same card to use going forward (for gold and platinum status).

Do all Park ‘N Fly lots participate in the Frequent Parker Program?

All company-owned or operated lots participate in the Frequent Parker Program. Network Affiliates are independent businesses and do not participate in the Park ‘N Fly program, but may have their own independent programs. Please inquire at the lot.

When will I receive my award days earned in 2016?

Award days earned in 2016 will be placed in your online account. From within your account, you will be able to redeem award days online or print your award day voucher to redeem at lot. Your 2017 tier status is determined by the number of qualified days stayed in 2016 based off the 2016 Frequent Parker Program tier requirements. Click here to view those requirements.

Do your Atlanta locations provide transportation to the International Terminal?

Park 'N Fly Plus shuttles do transport to the International Terminal at Hartsfield-Jackson. Park 'N Fly Atlanta is unable to offer that service. Please inform the greeter or driver when you arrive at the Park 'N Fly Plus lot that you will are traveling to the International Terminal. Please allow additional time (30 minutes) due to the distance to this terminal. We drop-off at the top level of the terminal. You will be given a card with a number to call after receiving your luggage when you return. Inform the operator that you need to be picked up at the International Terminal, and then wait at Hotel/Shared Ride Shuttles Green 4.

Canadian Reservations

  • Park ‘N Fly is not associated with the company operating as Park ‘N Fly in Canada
  • For reservations in Canada, please contact the www.Parknfly.ca website
  • What Park 'N Fly facilities serve the local Ports?

    We provide service to the cruise terminals in Fort Lauderdale and San Diego. Currently, we do not serve the Port in any other locations.

    Fort Lauderdale 

    • To obtain shuttle service to the cruise terminal, your parking must be made for the Port Everglades location (FTL).  The location is the same; shuttle service is provided to and from the Port departing every thirty minutes.
    • For Airport parking, the Ft. Lauderdale location (FLL) must be selected.

    San Diego

    • All San Diego locations do offer shuttle service to the Port for the cruise lines and the Amtrak station 

    Once I made a reservation, how do I enter and exit the lot?

    The easiest way to enter and exit, if you have a Frequent Parker Program card, is to attach the account number to your reservation. You will then be able to enter and exit through the automatic columns by entering your Frequent Parker Program Card. You can also do that if you have a credit card "linked" to your Frequent Parker Program account

     If you have made a reservation and do not have a Frequent Parker Program account, you will pull a ticket from the entry column when you enter and then exit through the cashier booth, giving the cashier your name so they can find your reservation in our system.

     If you do not have a Frequent Parker Program card and no reservation, you can pull a ticket to enter. When you exit, insert the ticket into the automatic gate column and then insert a credit card for payment when prompted.

     Please note that if you have redeemed free days for your stay, you'll need to take a ticket to enter and see the cashier to present your redemption voucher when you exit.